The RS Adventurous Niche

A small motorhome isn’t for everyone. When space is limited, even the happiest couples can get in each other’s way. If your idea of a vacation to sit inside and watch television all day, that’s OK. But if that was your plan, you probably wouldn’t be visiting this website.

The RS Adventurous is Roadtrek’s top-of-the-line model. It’s completely self-contained, comfortable and easy to drive, sleeps up to 4, and seats up to 7 passengers.

Roadtrek owners/renters aren’t the typical RV or motorhome owner. You’re well educated, and well-traveled. You like to GO places, and do a lot of sight-seeing. You enjoy being outside, and at some time in your life you probably went camping. You’re in good health, and have an active lifestyle. You might even be down-sizing from a large Class A coach!

The Class B (sometimes called a “camper van”) market is the fastest growing segment of the RV/motorhome marketplace, and since 1990, Roadtrek has held the largest share of the North American Class B market.Renting a “vacation packed” Roadtrek RS Adventurous from Eat Sleep Go, allows you to enjoy the journey, while traveling in style.

Your vacation adventure awaits, contact us to make your reservations!