Standard Rates

Rates shown are Standard rates . . . see Summer Savings for our current specials!

Package # of Days Mileage Allowed Rate
The Weekender 3 500 $ 1490
The Great Getaway 7 1500* $ 3390

* Unused miles on 7 day rentals only, receive credit on your final invoice of $.50/mile!

(Maximum credit – $200/400 miles)

Rates and mileage allowances may change at any time and without notice. Reservations will be honored at the rate in place at the time of booking.

These are generous mileage allowances, but we understand some travelers may want to plan a trip with more miles. If you know your trip will take you over the mileage allowances, please let us know in advance. We may offer a discount on pre-negotiated excess mileage.

Upon the completion of your trip and return of the vehicle, any miles in excess of the mileage allowance for your package will be charged at the rate of $.80/mile, unless previously negotiated.


Booking deposit on standard rate rentals – 50% of the total rate for reservations made at least 6 months in advance