What is the cost of a new 2015 RS Adventurous?
With the same standard and optional equipment, the sticker price is a little over $134,000. Like buying a new car, some discounting is expected. Sales tax (9% in our area) is paid on the full purchase price. Click here to see a full list of standard and optional features and pricing for a 2015 model. 
How old is Adele?
We were extremely lucky to find an almost new 2012 model at a dealer in Kansas, with just over 4000 miles.
Does the diesel engine sound like a diesel truck?
NO. The Mercedes “Sprinter” diesel engine is surprisingly quiet. If you listen carefully, you can hear when the turbo kicks in. It’s the sound of a well-built motor, known and loved by Mercedes owners.
Is diesel fuel available at all gas stations?
Most gas stations have diesel fuel. To be sure, we recommend a popular smartphone app, “Gas Buddy”. Gas Buddy gives you a list of stations in your area, searchable by grade of gas, price, and distance. Get Gas Buddy, it’s free!
Can we tow a trailer?
Unless you have considerable experience driving a large vehicle while towing a trailer, no towing is allowed. IF you have previously driven a large vehicle while towing a trailer (like a truck with a horse trailer), we may consent, provided your insurance coverage covers towing. Please contact us if you would like to know more about towing with “Adele”.
How big is the bathroom?
It’s cozy, but quite comfortable even with the doors closed. Leaving the doors open provides visual privacy from the front and back of the coach, making a nice changing area, too. There’s a small sink in the bathroom, and you can shower easily while standing or sitting on the closed toilet.
How does the generator work?
The generator runs on propane, and powers two large AGM batteries which then provide power to run interior lights, appliances, the TV, and a/c if needed.

But if you’re staying at an RV park or campground, most spaces provide “shore power”. By hooking up a 30amp power cord, you’ll be running on electricity with no need to use the generator.

Complete instructions will be reviewed during the check-out process.

How much storage space is available?

Pack light, and plan to do laundry along the way if needed. The entire rear sofa/sleeping area has overhead storage compartments, although your bedding, pillows, and towels will also be stored there. There is a small wardrobe compartment for hanging shirts or jackets. Games, DVDs and CDs, and books are in the overhead entertainment compartment above the TV. Non-perishable food may be stored along with cookware and dinnerware in more overhead compartments. The refrigerator is 3.2 cubic feet, and has a small freezer.

If needed, plastic storage tubs are provided to secure other items during travel, and can be easily moved to the front seats when you arrive at your destination. Please do NOT use hard or soft suitcases, no matter how small.

What if we have a major problem during our trip?
Don’t panic. Most problems are not major. As long as no one is hurt, it’s not a major problem. For any vehicle related problems, call Vicki anytime day or night to report and discuss possible actions. If you have Roadside Assistance with AAA or other service provider, check before your trip to be sure it applies to rental vehicles. You won’t be stranded; we will work with you to resolve the problem with the least possible inconvenience to you.
If I buy a Roadtrek, can you provide rental assistance?

YES. If you buy (or already own) a new or late model Roadtrek (diesel), there are many options available to you for earning rental income. Our growth strategy is focused on Southern California, but growth to other parts of the US is also planned.

Please contact us for more information about joining our network of Roadtrek owners offering rental options.